imgSaves Money
One Pull Stop Box™ replaces a stub out, mounting bracket, valve and escutcheon.

Installs Quickly
Make a standard pipe fitting connection and fasten the box to the wall.

Visually Appealing
There are no ugly stub outs or angle stops protruding from the wall.

Reduced Liability
The valve is installed prior to the system test, eliminating leaky compression valves.

Easy to Use
The simple, intuitive push/pull action on the Pull Stop Box™ starts and stops the flow of water easily.

The Pull Stop Box™ can be mounted in any direction and even share the same stud side-by-side with another Pull Stop Box™.

imgPull Stop Box™
The Pull Stop Box™ is made of high impact plastic designed to be strong and withstand years of use. It comes with a temporary protective cover to keep debris out of the box cavity during the construction process.

The Pull Stop Box™ features a high quality brass valve with a triple O-ring design on the shank to seal the valve in the box. The valve can easily be replaced if needed.

Valve Block
The valve block holds the valve securely in place with a single screw. The valve block should not be removed when there is pressure on the system.

The escutcheon features an opening for the supply line as well as a carefully designed square knob hole. The square knob hole was designed to prevent removal of the knob from the valve handle while the valve is in the “ON” position.

The small plastic knob sits close to the face of the escutcheon. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to pull.

Valve Inlet
The valve inlet allows you to perform a single crimp, sweat or cement connection to attach the Pull Stop Box™ to the supply line to make a secure connection.